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Psychotherapy Counselling, focused around your needs

Therapy Based Around You

As a member of BACP with years of experience, I can help you with bespoke therapy, tailor made for you

Face to Face And Online

I strive to help whenever and wherever I can, which is why I offer both face to face sessions as well as online or telephone sessions to work around your needs

Are you struggling with life’s challenges and the world around you?

Life can be full of challenges and sometimes we need help to make sense of what is going on. Perhaps your past experiences are having an impact on you and are stopping you from being the person you want to be.

When things feel overwhelming, it can help to reach out and talk to someone who will listen with empathy and support you on your journey of healing and change.

Our Therapies

Psychotherapy Counselling

Face-to-face, Online & Phone Therapy

Tailored Therapy


Rape and Sexual Abuse


What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a way of working with emotional and situational difficulties. It involves the exploration of your thoughts and feelings relating to the past, present and future. Talking therapy gives you time and space to talk through your problems. It can help you to address the challenges you experience and enhance your life management skills.

Working with a qualified counsellor in a safe, non-judgemental environment can help you to get a different perspective on problems and issues. You can better understand your feelings, feel less overwhelmed by your problems and learn the skills to cope with challenges and situations more positively.

Counselling can help you to regain wellbeing and balance in your life, by exploring your thoughts and feelings you can begin to gain self-awareness and get to the root of the problem.



Pink Lotus Counselling helped me with a lot of the issues I was facing with in my life, and I think they can help anyone who needs it


My life was turned upside down, and pink lotus helped put it back the right way up.


I’ve seen a few different therapists, and pink lotus helped me with a lot of the problems I was having!


Maybe You Are Searching Among The Branches For What Only Appears In The Roots

The foundation of my work is person-centred which means that it has a core of respect and acceptance of everything you are and want to be.

Rather than give advice, I have the belief that you have the capacity for growth, wellbeing and integrity. I see the therapeutic process as a collaborative one, with us working together side by side to develop your inner resources and communication skills, enabling you to find solutions that are right for you.