CYP Testimonial 4

We are incredibly grateful for the support our child received from you. Your guidance and expertise not only helped our child to navigate challenging times, but also gave us valuable tools as parents. Your caring approach made a real difference in our families...

CYP Testimonial 3

Thank you for being my superhero when I needed one. Your kind words and understanding made me feel brave, and now I can face my fears with confidence. You are a cool counsellor.

CYP Testimonial 2

Thank you for helping me find my smile again. Talking to you made the tough stuff feel a little lighter, and now I know it’s ok to share my feelings. You’re the best!

CYP Testimonial 1

My son really enjoyed the creative sessions. The understanding and coping strategies that he has learnt have been life changing. Thank you, I feel like I have my happy, carefree son back.

Testimonial 3

Pink Lotus Counselling helped me with a lot of the issues I was facing with in my life, and I think they can help anyone who needs it