Session Fees, Assessments and Confidentiality

Session Fees

Thank you for considering our therapeutic services. Fees are £60 per therapeutic hour (50 minutes).

Sessions for under 10-year-olds are for 40 minutes.


Payment is required 48 hours before each session to secure your appointment.

Accessible Counselling Services

I am dedicated to making counselling accessible to everyone. In line with this commitment, I offer concessionary rates or reduced fees. Limited slots are available, so please reach out to check for availability and explore the possibility of affordable counselling tailored to your needs.


Your first session will include an assessment to establish where your need is, and if it is possible for us to work together. Fees are charged as per above rates.

Prior to engaging with a child or young person, I conduct a parent assessment at no cost. This essential step allows me to gather information, comprehend the child’s presentation and identify their specific needs.

Written consent from a parent or caregiver with parental responsibility is required for this process.

Confidentiality and legal Considerations

As a counsellor working with both children/young people and adults, I prioritise the well-being and trust of my clients. Confidentiality is fundamental to our sessions, providing a safe space for open communication.

It’s important to note that, in certain circumstances, legal and ethical obligations may require disclosure, particularly in situations involving harm to oneself or others.

I adhere to professional standards and legal guidelines to ensure a secure and supportive counselling environment for all clients.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding confidentiality or the legal aspects of counselling, please feel free to discuss them during our sessions. Your well-being is my utmost priority.