Psychotherapy Counselling

I understand that life can be a challenge at times, and we all react differently to certain challenges. This is what makes us individual and unique.
I am a person-centred counsellor which means that I listen in a way that is non-judgemental. I encourage you to talk openly and help you to find your own answers, all of which will help to enrich your quality of life and promote wellbeing and positivity.

Face-To-Face Online And Phone Therapy

I believe that flexibility and understanding are an important part of the counselling process. This is the reason why I am happy to work with your specific needs.

All of my face-to-face sessions take place in my therapy room which is a safe space that promotes comfort and positivity. Face-to-face therapy is not for everyone which is why I am also able to offer telephone therapy or counselling sessions via zoom. I have undertaken training to ensure that phone and online sessions offer the same level of support that face-to-face sessions offer. You’ll still benefit from the ability to adopt strategies that enable you to respond to feelings and thoughts and whatever your needs I am still there to listen to you and your story.

Tailored Therapy To The Client

Every person is unique, and every journey is different which is why I tailor my approach to the client.
I learn all about you and talk through your initial thoughts and feelings to explore how you are feeling and what is troubling you. Every session is designed to help you explore your fears, sorrows and anxieties, enabling you to discover your inner resources that allow you to become more aware of your emotions and the world around you. I work closely with you to gain a clear insight of your perspective before giving you the freedom to discover solutions that are the right fit for you.

Rape And Sexual Abuse Therapy

I have a special interest in sexual abuse and rape. I have an extensive knowledge, training and experience of working with complex trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
My trauma-informed practice offers support and encouragement to talk at your own pace, giving you the freedom to explore your feelings and emotions in an environment where you feel safe and validated. With me alongside you on your journey you can gain clarity and resilience to cope with your anxieties and experiences, giving you the tools to manage your feelings and emotions in a way that brings you peace and fulfilment.


I have many years of experience working with children and continue to work in a school environment.

Young people can feel under huge pressure in modern life and may secretly struggle emotionally but find it difficult to tell somebody close to them. If a young person internalises their problems it can result in a change of behaviour or emotional state. I can provide a safe and regular space for your child to express and explore difficult issues that may be causing them emotional pain or uncomfortable feelings.

Person Centred Therapy

Although my core is person-centred I also believe in taking a creative approach to therapy and each individual.
Therefore, I have the experience and skills to be able to adapt and use a range of different therapeutic techniques, styles and tools. From the use of emotion cards to objects and drawing, I ensure that you benefit from therapy that works for you and with you.

Some Of The Areas Of Counselling I Deal With


Affairs And Betrayals
Childhood Neglect And Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Postnatal Depression
Separation And Divorce
Bereavement And Loss
Critical And Negative Thoughts
Family Issues
Low Confidence
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sexual Abuse
Work-Related Stress
Health Anxiety
Low Self-Esteem
Relationship Problems
Young Carers
Anxiety And Panic
Child Counselling
Domestic Abuse
Physical Abuse

Trauma Informed Practice

Social Anxiety